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United Progressive Alumni : Durham, NC Chapter

Durham, NC Chapter

Welcome to UPA's Durham, NC Chapter. In spite of the view of North Carolina as a tobacco-smoking, Jesse Helms-loving state, times have changed significantly since the civil rights movement was sparked here more than 30 years ago. Durham and its neighbors, collegetown Chapel Hill and metropolitan Raleigh, the two other vertices of the "Research Triangle," embody this transformation.

Indeed, Durham was voted the 3rd most enlightened city in America by the Utne Reader in 1997 (Ithaca was #1) for the way it "...tackles real-city problems in a forward-thinking way." This former tobacco town is now called "Medicine City" and is home to the Duke University Medical Center, its tobacco warehouses have been converted into restaurants and shops, and its alternative newspaper "The Independent" can be counted on every week to give the social activist's calendar.


Send an email to durham@upalumni.org to get in touch with UPA members in the area.

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