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United Progressive Alumni : New York City Chapter

New York City Chapter

What can be said about NYC that hasn't been said already? As it turns out with regards to social change and activism, plenty. Class conflict was marked and oftentimes fierce in this immigrant haven from the city's early history and on to the present, and today the distinctions between rich and poor are perhaps more dramatic in Manhattan than anywhere else in America. Enormous skyscrapers belonging to the nation's media and financial megacorporations overshadow historical sites, such as Union Square, where fiery speeches by radical leaders were once given during the turmoil of the Robber Baron age and Great Depression.

Today, in walking through the tremendously varied neighborhoods of the Five Boroughs, the racial and class segregation is undeniably stark. Yet the "City" and its unique concentration of urbanity, culture, and people continues to attract many new graduates, not to mention being the home of still more generations of alumni.


Send an email to nyc@upalumni.org to get in touch with UPA members in the area.

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