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United Progressive Alumni : FYI - Continuing Education

Links to news, articles, and resources from sources outside UPA are collected here for your perusal. If you want to suggest a quality link for inclusion here, please send email to the webmaster. You can also add a comment on any of the resources here, to help other visitors find the most useful, educational, and inspiring content the web can offer.

News Sites

A collection of the useful alternative news websites on the net - stay current without relying on corporate-controlled media.

Causes and Issues

Ecoology; Animal Rights; Human Rights; Economic Justice - you can find up-to-date and useful websites relating to your favorite issue here.

Cool and/or Funny

Activists are not always the most pleasant or personable people to deal with - and it's probably because we take ourselves as seriously as we take our issues. So check these sites out to laugh a bit - even if it's the bitter, ironic kind of laughter.


You've heard endlessly how the Internet is the biggest information revolution since Gutenberg. You've also learned how much junk you have to wade through to find good stuff. So here's the Good Stuff!

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