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United Progressive Alumni : Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is about building alternative alumni networks for graduates of all universities -we (from Cornell UPA) would like to provide you with the tools and experience we needed to build our own group. If you need more background info, visit the FAQ.

If you see your school listed below, someone from your alma mater has already set the ball rolling. Just follow the link and add your name. When, say, 20 or more alumni from your school have signed on, we can setup an email listserv for your network. When 50 or more alumni have signed on, we'll setup an online discussion forum for your network. Those are just examples, and that's just for starters, of course - what you and your fellows decide to do is entirely up to your network - at minimum we can help you get in touch with one another. We can also provide webspace and database services. And, of course, we should meet one another via local Chapter events.

If you don't see your school listed below, you can be the pioneer for your university! Send an email to the Critical Mass team, critical-mass@upalumni.org, to get your school listed, and start growing your new alumni network!

Schools Building Critical Mass

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