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United Progressive Alumni : Joining UPA

NOTE: The system for joining UPA will be online by mid-May 2002 - please register with the site and/or email us with your contact info and class year; we promise to get in touch with you ASAP, thanks for your interest.

Membership in UPA entitles you to participate in decision-making, to help organize our local Chapters, initiate new proposals and campaigns, and generally be a full-fledged citizen of the UPA community. On this website, services and resources for members only, such as the members' forums and database, are also available. Joining now will connect you with our rapidly growing community, and let your voice be heard as UPA takes its first steps onward and upward.

Please note that this process is only for joining UPA as a dues-paying Cornellian member - other schools will setup their own membership procedures as they develop. If you're from another school, please visit the Schools page. If none of this is making sense, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are a Cornellian, and you do want membership in UPA: Before joining please be sure to read the About UPA pages to understand what our goals are. We also ask that you read our Principles - this preamble is necessary to make sure we're all starting from common ground. If you want to contact us, go to our Contact page.

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