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This webmaster is of the opinion that all progressive causes are rooted in common concerns over sustainability, justice and fairness, and the fulfillment of human potential and freedom. Although for pragmatic reasons we may have to limit our energies to one particular issue, we should at least remain aware of the unity within and beyond the issues below.

Animal Rights

McSpotLight - A muck-raking take on McDonald's in particular and fast food in general. Don't eat the animals please - better for you, for them, and for the planet.

Ecology and Sustainability

Scorecard - A project of the Environmental Defense Fund, Scorecard can tell you who's polluting your neighborhood, with what noxious chemicals, and how much per year - and that's just for starters.

The Heat is Online - A site related to the book on global warming and climate change by Ross Gelbspan. Global warming is real - but if you keep hearing otherwise, you'd better visit this site and read the book. How big a problem is it? Does the end of civil society as we know it move you?


Dollars and Sense - The best and only national publication analyzing economics with a progressive perspective. Want to learn exactly what's wrong with Wall Street and the WTO, but don't know where to get hard facts and details? Check this out.


On The Issues - One of the best feminist magazines in print, with insightful and analytical takes on contemporary women's (and men's) issues hard to find elsewhere.

Human Rights

Amnesty International - The leading world human rights organization.

Science and Technology

Union of Concerned Scientists - A great site if you want to understand why and how science and technology could develop to serve humanity better. UCS has excellent briefings on such critical modern issues as renewable energy, genetic engineering, nuclear power, and climate change.

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