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Welcome to the Online Home of Progressive Alumni

We are an independent organization of Cornellians dedicated to the continual transformation of our alma mater into a more inclusive, just, and democratic institution. We believe that the university and its administration should themselves practice the values impressed upon every student at commencement: Civic responsibility, ethical integrity, and commitment to a just community.

If you're a fellow Cornellian, you may wish to examine our aims and consider joining our alternative alumni network.

If you're from another school and wish to build your own alternative alumni network, we can help - we hope to see similar networks established everywhere to build a diverse new community of progressives. Please visit the Critical Mass page for more details.

A quick site overview: Features contains writings of interest to progressives. Chapters are UPA's local social and activist hubs. Forums are online discussion areas. FYI has links to other interesting websites.

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About UPA - Our group and issues.

Why An Alumni Movement?

Frequently Asked Questions - Who we are and what we're doing, in a nutshell.

Cornell grad and UPA member Michael Greger's book on his med-school experience is here: Medical School Resources If you have any interest in health and healthcare, you'll find this of interest.


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