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In the US at least, alternative perspectives on news and events are generally rare and hard to find - a result of overwhelming concentration and corporatization of mass media outlets (read Ben Bagdikian's classic work, "The Media Monopoly," for more details). Thus the need for sources such as those below.

WebActive - If you've got the RealAudioPlayer installed, this is a great place to visit for progressive news every day, including Pacifica Network News and Democracy Now!

Labourstart - A good place to go for world news and events from a labor/lefty perspective. The site loads quickly and content is presented efficiently.

Le Monde Diplomatique - One of the world's leading left newspapers from France, routinely offering some of the best analysis and fact-finding you'll find anywhere. Provides a refreshing alternative to the NYT, The Economist, and their ilk.

OneWorld - A nexus site for many international organizations working for a better world, with regular stories from alternative journalists.

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