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Why UPA?

Would you like to help make Cornell a more inclusive, accountable, and democratic institution? Do you want a connection to Cornell that goes beyond donating money and cheerleading the alma mater? To continue to have an impact on campus issues even though you may be thousands of miles and many years removed? Support campus activists in their struggles? Meet other progressively-minded Cornellians spanning the generations, from all over the world? The United Progressive Alumni may be just what you're looking for.

UPA was founded to provide alums with an organization to support and foster progressive values in alumni and campus activities, and establish a meaningful link to Cornell that doesn't sacrifice principle for the mere sake of increasing the endowment. We desire the continuous transformation of Cornell into a more democratic, fair, responsible, and inclusive institution, so that it may best fulfill the purpose of developing an educated and concerned citizenry.

UPA Issues

While UPA's projects will be formulated democratically by our members on an open and continual basis, here are some of the issues in which we plan to engage:

How will UPA do it?

As our organization grows, we will work on the above issues by:

We hope to accomplish all of the above while retaining a sense of humor, not taking ourselves too seriously, and having fun doing work that's meaningful to us.

Join us!

As you can see, we have an ambitious agenda, and it won't be successful without the energy, dedication, and hard work of many of us striving together. When you join UPA, you're adding your voice to ours, strengthening our network in these turbulent times, and establishing an enduring progressive legacy at Cornell for years to come. And UPA is not limited to Cornell issues; future projects are constrained only by the interests, imagination, and resourcefulness of our members.

UPA is ultimately about connecting with one another for both campus and larger issues to revitalize our sense of civic duty and democracy - traits badly needed to create a meaningful world for ourselves and future generations.

I would like to join UPA!

Sounds good, but I'd like to get in touch with UPA first.

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